Left Ear of Gorn

(Various styles)    0.10  cd








Gorn ears are sautéed quickly (or they become rubbery) in butter and brown sugar then flambéed in a pear liquor to form a light sweet caramel sauce. The left ear is the only edible part of a Gorn, inside or out. Quite tasty really, if a bit chewy. For some reason the right ear is tough and the cochlear fluids impart an unpleasant taste. Much has been written – pro and con – about the ethics of this, one of our most controversial dishes, as it features the flesh of a “sentient” being. (This last point is debatable.) We use only the freshest Gorn and immediately transport them live into space, then beam them right back to the restaurant and while they are still at cryogenic temperature smash them into tiny pieces with a sledgehammer, extract the left ears and beam the rest back into space. While Captain Kirk demurred and spared the life of his Gorn opponent, we say let your palate be the judge!


Eloi Pie

(meat pies)    124.  cd

Morlocks Eloi Pie







Nobody doesn’t love pie. Bring the whole family. All clear!

Spice Melange Cookies

124.  cd

Portal Cake

124.  cd


Tribbles on a Stick









Tribbles on a Stick are a delicious marriage of tender furry tribbles surrounding crunchy toasted quadrotriticale wheat clusters!. We also have, Candied Tribbles, Chocolate Covered Tribbles, Frosted Tribbles, Glazed Tribbles, Tribble Bars, Tribble Betty, Tribble Bites, Tribble Bits, Tribble Cakes, Tribble Cobbler, Tribble Cookie, Tribble Crepes, Tribble Crisps, Tribble Cupcake, Tribble Fondue, Tribble Ice Cream, Tribble Mix, Tribble Mousse, Tribble Pie, Tribble Pops, Tribble Puffs, Tribble Souffle, Tribble Tart, Tribble Torte, Tribble Trifle, Tribbled Tribbles, Tribbles ‘N Bytes, Tribbles Jubilee, Troubled Tribble, Truffle Tribbles and many, many more.





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