Main Course

(Qagh / Serpent worms) 3.25 bpl

Dinner portion of Qagh. Qagh (or “serpent worms”) is by far the most recognized of Klingon delicacies. It comes in over 51 varieties, including torghud qagh, vIlDIng qagh, mIcha’ qagh, etlhul qagh, and wIStng qagh. Each variety has a different flavor, and feels different as you swallow it. Although it is sometimes served stewed or cold (like revenge) true connoisseurs of Klingon cuisine know that gagh is best served alive. Qagh is served frequently aboard Klingon warships, perhaps too frequently for some crewmembers. It is believed that a steady diet of qagh may have been responsible for more than a few mutiny’s. Perhaps not so paradoxically, this is also a great breakfast idea for kids.


(Grilled Bajoran Decapods) 35 cd









Seafood dish of cooked marine decapods indigenous to Bajor, grilled over an open flame and served with a seasoned sauce. Barbecued shrimp as served at Sisko’s restaurant in New Orleans on Earth, ours is similar to this dish except in color and size.


Spoo Aspic

(Mill Worms)      195 cd

Spoo Aspic







The Narn describe Spoo as the most “Delicious food in all of known space”. Perhaps. Our Spoo are raised on free-range farms and we only use ‘humane’ methods to Spoo-Whack these delicacies. Spoo travel in herds making it easy to harvest them in large quantities. Which is fortunate as it takes over 1,000,000 of these tiny creatures for one standard serving. Enjoy!

Klaatu Burger

(various)    25 cd








Ok, this is just a hamburger – but it is cooked with a collimated beam of spatially and temporally coherent light fired by a giant indestructible alien robot. And ‘no’ the hamburger is not destroyed because Klaatu tells Gort to lower and modulate the power output. And ‘yes’ you could just use a grill or frying pan but this hamburger is cooked almost instantly and is really good, so try one. Recipe


WARNING: Eating undercooked or raw meat may lead to food-borne illness. When ordering please remember the phrase ‘Gort, Klaatu barada nikto.”

Steak Morpheus

125 virtual credits

steak morpheus

Imagine the most tender and flavorful steak you have ever had; aroma redolent with the promise of rich juicy meat that melts in your mouth. Delicately marbled tender beef embraced within a rich charcoal grilled bark contrasted with the pink interior cooked to succulent perfection. Steak Morpheus is all you can imagine, all this and more. Served with your choice of a red wine or blueberry port reduction.

Eider Saccnuson

(various)    25 cd

Squid Nemo

(various)    25 cd

Crab Dakkar

(various)    25 cd

Herakleophorbia IV


Denebia Quatlh Min

(Slime Devil Eyeballs)  25 cd








Denebia Quatlh Min is a Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps specialty. Served piping hot right from the replicator! “Here’s looking at you kid”.




(Cardassia Larish Spheres)     35 cd









With this appetizer Yeoj pays homage to the now famous Larish Pies served at Quark’s on the Promenade. Hot and straight from the replicator!




(Parthas ala Yuta)     35 cd







Acamarian meal of fleshy roots. Hope you won’t hold a grudge, but we think ours is the best in the quadrant!.

Chicken Little

(Various styles)    5 cd


Chicken Little







Vat food at its finest. Chicken Little is our sumptuous mono-block of chicken breast protein grown to our exacting specifications. Our Chicken Little culture has been growing for over 900 years and today weights over 12 metric tons. The versatility of Chicken Little is unparalleled. Just tell us how you want it and we’ll harvest a fresh slab from the vat. Eat as much as you want, we never run out!

Mutilated Colorado Cattle Barbecued Ribs

90 cd

Colorado Mutilated Cattle Barbecued Ribs








Beef short ribs smoked and slow roasted in a Dutch oven. Recipe


T’Pau Pad Ga Pow

(Tofu with Thai basil)


Vulcan version of the Thai dish made with marinated tofu. Created by the Vulcan T’ Pol after visiting San Francisco in 2150. The dish became a favorite of Minister T’ Pau and was later named after her. Sometimes a very un-Vulcan version is made with chopped shrimp and fish sauce. This version is vegetarian. Recipe


(Honored Relative)







The Volarians have a saying “Every meal a wake, every bite a funeral.” This dish was contributed by a Volarian Subjugatis visiting our restaurant on her pilgrimage to a votive funerary dinning festival on her home world. When she prepared the dish, she told us it was her sister, and her recipe. You will need the flesh of one ancestor preferably well aged, however any relative will do. Although Volarians see this as a welcome opportunity to honor esteemed relatives or be rid of annoying ones, you may substitute lamb, beef or pork (long or other variety) but no homage will be gained if a substitute is made. This version is completely legal in most of the galaxy; an opportunity lost. Recipe


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