Sci-fi and Food Links

Tales of Future Past

The focus of this site is noting less than the future itself. The listing for “Future Food”  is just one of many topics covered: Life on Other Worlds, Future City, Future Living, Future Kitchen, Future Food (of course), Death Rays, War, Atomic Power, Robots and much more. Pay them a visit.

Star Trek Themed Drinks

ST drinks including recipes, images and tube demos.

Technovelgy (tech-novel-gee)

Wide range of subjects, thousands of news articles about technology, science fiction, inventions, and the “Glossary of Science Fiction Technology”. The “Food” link takes you to many excerpts from sci-fi novels that reference food. One of my favorite sites.

World Fiction Magazine

Russian website with content on food in fantasy and science fiction in movies, TV, books and otter forms. If you don’t read Russian use Babel Fish or

K’Tesh’s Klingon Recipe Pages

K’Tesh created one of the most committed and immersive fan sites devoted to the Klingon culture and cuisine. Unfortunately the site does not appear to be actively updated. A lot of fun just the same.

Memory Alpha

Memory Alpha is the Wiki for all things Star Trek. The site has hundreds of entries for food appearing in the many ST variants. Do a search on “food”. Results are returned organized by species then food type. Great resource and a great site.

Modern Drunkard Magazine

Honorable (?) mention for this article about Star Trek and inebriation. Let’s face it, on the original series drinking was not a spectator sport.

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All of the materiel in the section below is from sites we believe to be dead and an attribution can not be determined. If you are or know the author of any of this material please let us know. If requested o do so we will remove the material. If there is a location for the materiel we are unaware of we will link to the new location. We are posting these links to share them and hopefully preserve them. It is not our intention to take credit for these works.



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